Fundraising for “The Elevator Series”

“The Elevator Series” explores the hopes and dreams of 6 people as they deal with issues of race, bigotry, homophobia, spirituality and self worth. Self- realizations are made, beliefs are confronted, and hope is lost and found.

Stories in the Elevator Series include The Encounter, The Untimely Concurrence and One Moment Please.

Our first “Elevator Story” THE ENCOUNTER has received numerous accolades :

• Official Selection in over 25 film festivals world wide, including Amsterdam and Toronto.
• Received 10 Nominations and WON a total of 3 awards(Best Short, Best Actress, and the “Making A Difference Award” in Toronto)
• Received distribution on the Nationally Syndicated Television Program, African American Shorts from Jan through April of 2012.

We’ve just begun entering our second Elevator story THE UNTIMELY CONCURRENCE into festivals. I’m grateful for the awards that the film has already begun to receive:

August 23rd 2012 at AOF Film Festival:
*WINNER/Best LGBT Project
*WINNER/Best Supporting Actor
*WINNER/AOF Excellence in Writing
*1st Runner up, Best Produced Short Screenplay
*Nominated, BEST IN SHOW

September 22, 2012 Movieville International Film Festival:
*WINNER/Best Actor
*NOMINATED/Best New Filmmaker

We’ve one part left of the Elevator Series to shoot entitled ONE MOMENT PLEASE, and although this story will not take place in an elevator, it will connect and complete the feature film.

ONE MOMENT PLEASE is the story of Trina, an overweight yet hopeful elevator switchboard operator who works from home. As she struggles to complete a day of “healthy” eating, she is harassed by her boss Gunther, stressed out by her sister and talked down to by trapped elevator occupants.

We’re so excited to begin production on the last part of the series and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Love and light!