Matemotja Productions
Cultivating a Cinematic Culture of Compassion, One Story at a Time.

To produce socially conscious films that reveal the often untold stories of our subculture. By embracing internationalism and shedding light on the different social aspects of the world, we will cultivate a cinematic culture that inspires dialogue for understanding, acceptance and compassion.


Matemotja Productions was put into motion by Angela Matemotja. Having been born in Russia into a bi-cultural family, Angela’s view of the world was never quite “ordinary”. Her black South African Father was affiliated with the political arm of the ANC, which led him abroad to study in the former U.S.S.R. In Kiev is where he met and married Angela’s mother, a Russian woman whose family settled there after the war.Kiev is also Angela’s birthplace.

As a consequence of her Father having to live in exile, by the time Angela was eight she had lived in Russia, Kenya, and Tanzania. Arriving in America speaking only Russian and Swahili she immediately realized she did not fit in. These early experiences helped form her unique outlook on culture and race.

Through her work with Matemotja Productions she and her team will explore the social, sub cultural and international aspects of our nation, one story at a time. Angela will convey a unique perspective through the stories Matemotja Productions will produce.