Action On Film Celebrates It’s 11th Awesome Year!


I’ve been in the entertainment business for fifteen plus years, so I’ve easily attended at least one hundred film festivals. Action On Film is my favorite film festival and is the only festival I’ve attended five years in a row. I don’t even have a project this year but I can’t tear myself away! Luckily it’s founder and creator Del Weston has given me something exciting to do. For the second year in a row I’ll be hosting the Action On Film’s Women With A Vision Screening. Please come support these incredible women filmmakers.

For all you first time AOF’ers, make sure you introduce yourself to Del because he really wants to meet you. Del is so sincere about celebrating indie-filmmakers and writers.  Believe me when I tell you that you will never meet a festival director quite like Del Weston, so make sure you meet him.

Not only is he brutally honest, hilarious, and inspiring, but if you are full of crap, he will offend you! That’s one of the things I adore about him the most. In a business that’s overpopulated with “fake friends” and “ass-kissers” it’s so refreshing to meet someone who is unconcerned about being PC or making sure everyone likes him or pretending to be someone he is not. Del Weston is unapologetically Del Weston and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I learn so much from this gentle giant every time we speak and so will you. That is, if you can get past his shenanigans!

The first time I went to Action On Film Festival was in 2011 with my first film, The Encounter. What I remember most was the vibe and the electricity in the air. It was palpable. So many people and so much excitement, Wow. I’d never quit experienced anything like that before at a film festival. Everyone was so nice, welcoming and incredibly friendly; I just knew I’d be back the following year.


There is something so special about this festival and it has everything to do with Del and all the wonderful filmmakers and writers that he invites every year. What Del Weston has created is a family of filmmakers.  I love how much he encourages writers as well; we even get our own award show, how awesome is that? That is another element of AOF that is so unique and that I and so many others are incredibly grateful for. All the support that Del gives to AOF writers has directly impacted my writing.

Everything from The Writers Gathering, The Writers Round Table (get tickets here), The Writers Dinner and Award Show, The Private Facebook AOF Writers Group (open to all that submit screenplays) and The Yearly Writing Challenge (Group, Round Table and the Challenge are produced by the awesome Michelle Muldoon) has helped to form the most supportive, talented and engaged community of writers that I have ever encountered. Oh yea, there’s also the AOF Top 100 Filmmakers In The World Interactive Book, created by Del! Jeez. There’s a lot going on here folks. Seriously, come check us out.

If you don’t have a project and are maybe thinking about creating one, come to Action On Film Festival. Meet Del and his lovely wife Theresa. Watch some movies. Say ‘Hello’ to the writers, the filmmakers, meet actors, producers, come listen to the seminars, the panels, learn, get inspired, and most of all come party and share the love. There’s plenty of room for all kinds of wonderful people at Action On Film. Thank you Del Weston for creating such a vibrant film festival that so many of us look forward to returning to each and every year. We love it and we love you.

You can check out our chat below:

For those of you in or around Los Angeles, Del’s latest film The Victims (click here) will be premiering this Friday night!

To purchase tickets for The Victims Click Here:

You don’t want to miss the Black Tie Dinner and Award Ceremony. I went in 2012 and had the time of my life! To purchase tickets CLICK HERE.

Action On Film Festival: WEBSITE