Casting short film “Shoshannah’s Skateboard” by Kate Ascott- Evans

SHOSHANNAH’S SKATEBOARD is the story of a young Orthodox Jewish girl who wants to become YouTube’s next skateboarding sensation. Her family and Rabbi think otherwise.

Shoots in Los Angeles August 2013.

  •  Old Russian Woman:
  • 70’s or older. Warm and funny, she is learning to skateboard with the help of Shoshannah.  No skateboarding experience required.
  •  Rabbi Lesner:
  • in his 50’s (open to other ages). A strict Orthodox Jew. Kind, a fair man. He is trying to balance the demands of the orthodox jewish community within a changing world. He is not dogmatic but does believe strongly in the importance of ritual and honoring the different phases of ones life. Knowledge of Hebrew and the Jewish faith a plus.
  • Dinah: 
  • The sister. mid twenties. Meticulously put together. Married. A strict Orthodox Jew. Feels responsible for her sister. Will be asked to learn a few lines of Hebrew. Knowledge of the Jewish faith a plus.
  • Aaron:
  • 18 (no minors), a recent Hollywood High School graduate and skateboarder who wishes he was in the 70’s when the Z Boys were reinventing skating. He wants to create something that hasn’t been done before. Aaron is on a mission to make his own skating film. Big hearted and smart, he is not a stereotype. Any ethnicity. MUST be able to skate extremely well.
  • Shoshannah:
  • 18 (no minors). A recent high school graduate. Shoshannah is a great skateboarder and a strict Orthodox Jew. She believes in her community and in her faith. Speaks a few lines in Hebrew. Knowledge of the Jewish faith a plus. MUST be able to skate extremely well.
  • Send headshot/resume to: