Matemotja Productions helped produce this short film a few years ago for first time writer/director Kate Ascott-Evans. It’s a beautiful film about a determined teen girl who sneaks out of her devout orthodox Jewish community with one goal: to become a YouTube Skateboard star.     SHOSHANNAH’S SKATEBOARD will have […]

SHOSHANNAH’S SKATEBOARD will have its London premiere at Short Sighted ...

Since I am neither gay nor a Christian. (I had a brief go at being a Born Again when I was 11), people have often asked me what inspired me to write The Untimely Concurrence. The first thought that used to pop into my mind is a recollection of a […]


For those of you that don’t know, first and foremost I am an actor and these last few weeks have been brutal for me on the acting front. I was up for a series regular role on a half hour kids show. The first audition went great. Then my agent […]

Dealing With Rejection

2014 WomenVision Laurels
  I’m thrilled to be hosting for the second year in a row, WOMEN WITH A VISION. Join me at Action ON Film Festvial on Friday September 25th. Come support these incredible filmmakers! To learn more and to purchase tickets: CLICK HERE

Women With A Vision At AOF 2015

Drunk Book has advanced from Semi-finalist to Finalist at The Austin Revolution Film Festival. Thanks to all the good people at Austin Revolution, making it this far gives me the encouragement to keep writing. ‪#‎myCupRunnethOver‬ Austin Revolution Film Festival

Short Screenplay Drunkbook Advances in Screenplay Competition

I’ve been in the entertainment business for fifteen plus years, so I’ve easily attended at least one hundred film festivals. Action On Film is my favorite film festival and is the only festival I’ve attended five years in a row. I don’t even have a project this year but I can’t tear […]

Action On Film Celebrates It’s 11th Awesome Year!

The stunning Alexis Carra stars as Lola in ONE MOMENT PLEASE, currently in post production.
One Moment Please star the gifted and talented Alexis Carra is looking forward to sharing her first short film with the world! In order to do that though she needs our help. With just a few days left, please take a moment and visit her campaign page below and feel […]

3º Star Alexis Carra Has A Thrilling New Project

The first play I directed garnered me an NAACP theatre award nomination and awesome reviews in the Los Angeles Weekly and Los Angeles Times. The first film I made was an official selection at over thirty film festivals and won Best Short Film at White Sands International Film Festival. The first short script that […]

You’ll never know until you try

We are so excited to see One Moment Please star, the talented and beautiful Brianna Brown back in Season three of Devious Maids. Lord only knows what tricky dramas this delicious cast has in store for us this season. Can things possibly get any more devious? We think not! For […]

She’s Back! Don’t miss Brianna Brown in the Season 3 ...

Not only has super duper producer Dele Ogundiran been crazy busy assisting me with post-production on One Moment Please, she has also been in rehearsal and beautifully performing four shows a week at the Victory Theatre! I don’t know where she gets her energy and still manage to consistantly produce A […]

Matemotja Productions Producer Dele Ogundiran stars in Our Lady of ...